Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I pay for my service?

We accept cash, EFT transfer at the time of completion or receipt of invoice. Our bank details are provided on our invoices.

Once funds have cleared in our account, you are then able to pick up your car.

What happens if it rains?

We understand that weather is beyond anyone’s control. If we can safely perform your service, we are happy to proceed. If we can’t, your service will be cancelled without incurring any cancellation charges.

What happens if I fail to make my appointment?

We understand that things do come up from time to time. We are happy to cancel your service anytime exceeding 72 hours notice at no charge. From 72 hours to 24 hours, you will be charged a fee of 50% of the job’s value. A ‘no show’ on the day will result in the full invoice value being charged.

General Terms & Conditions of Service

Acceptance of any service from Phase 3a Auto Surface Technicians means that you the “Client” has understood and accepted the Terms & Conditions listed below.

1.  Pricing

Phase 3 Auto Surface Technicians reserves the right to change its prices without notice.


2.  Appointments seen/unseen and quoting

  1. Appointments will be made either “Seen” (vehicle has been physically sighted/inspected) or “Unseen” (an approximation has been provided after consultation with client via phone or electronic means).
  2. Once on site, the price quoted for “unseen” services will be adjusted (where necessary) before commencement of any work.
  3. “Seen” appointments may have the quoted price increased by up to but not exceeding 20% due to unseen workload hidden by soiling.
  4. In the event that the booked-in car is substituted for another upon arrival at the work site, Phase 3 Auto Surface Technicians reserves the right to refuse the substitute vehicle and or re-quote the work. The terms of cancellation will apply if the substituted vehicle is not accepted, and be subject to our Cancellation Policy (Section 4).

3.  Deposit

  1. A non-refundable booking deposit of 50% of the quoted price will be required at the time of booking. This will then be deducted from the final invoice amount upon completion of work.
  2. Phase 3 Auto Surface, will confirm your appointment via email once the funds are received in our account. You will be sent a ‘calendar event’ invite by email, to assist you in remembering your appointment.
  3. This booking deposit is subject to the conditions of the Rescheduling/cancelling / no show / weather policy’ (Section 4 below).

4.  Rescheduling / cancelling / no show / weather policy

  1. Rescheduling or cancelling appointments over 72 hours before the time of appointment will incur no cancellation fee.
  2. Rescheduling or cancelling appointments within 72 hours before the time of appointment will result in forfeiting 50% of the deposit.
  3. A ‘no show” on the day will result in the complete service price being charged. This includes regularly scheduled bookings such as weekly, fortnightly and monthly maintenance services.
  4. In the event of inclement weather, services will only be cancelled if it is deemed either unsafe or detrimental to the vehicle. Phase 3 Auto Surface Technicians will make the final decision in such event. Should the decision to cancel be made, there will be no cancellation fee payable.

5. Payment processing

  1. Complete payment for services must be paid at the time of completion unless other arrangements have been preapproved.
  2. Payment can be made via credit card (a surcharge applies), electronic transfer or cash.

6.  Vehicle accessories / modifications

  1. Vehicle accessories such as head lights, bonnet guards, covers or shields must be removed by the customer prior to commencement of work. In the event that these are not removed, Phase 3 Auto Surface Technicians will not be not responsible for any damage occurring to such items during the detailing process.
  2. Phase 3 Auto Surface Technicians will not be liable for damage to any non–standard modifications not disclosed prior to the commencement of detailing.

7.  Vehicle presentation

  1. Client must remove excessive rubbish and any personal items from the interior of the vehicle including the boot. Phase 3 Auto Surface Technicians are happy to remove small amounts of rubbish, but excessive rubbish removal will be charged a fee based on the time it takes to remove the rubbish. Excessive rubbish will be placed in plastic bags and placed in the boot for disposal unless bins are easily accessible.
  2. Excess soiling due to pet hair, sand, mud, food spills, etc will incur an extra charge based on the time it takes to reach an acceptable level of detail.

8.  Liability

  1. Phase 3 Auto Surface Technicians has sole discretion in determining the liability of any damage that the Client claims to have occurred to the vehicle while work was undertaken.
  2. Phase 3 Auto Surface Technicians are not responsible for any preexisting damage prior to the commencement of work.
  3. The Client is responsible for familiarisation with the details of the services engaged for their vehicle. The Client fully accepts these details of service and may decline service as per our Rescheduling / Cancelling / No show policy.
  4. It is the Client’s Sole responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is in complete and safe working order including all safety systems before driving the vehicle. No responsibility will be taken for the client not ensuring lights, mirrors, seat belts, etc. are located or adjusted as required for safe vehicle operation.

9.  Refund policy

  1. Upon work completion of the contracted work, it is the Client’s responsibility to inspect the vehicle. Any issues that need rectifying must be done before the technician leaves the site.
  2. After the technician has left, any issues requiring re-attendance will incur additional charges based on travel time and cause of problem.
  3. When Phase 3 Auto Surface Technicians has left the site or the vehicle has been returned the Client, the Client is legally bound to pay for services provided.


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